In Haste...

January 31, 2012

An apology, date and location unknown (or, at any rate, forgotten)

Haven't had a chance to do a proper piece for the site today, but here's something well worth reading:

A punchy, pithy and provocative round-up of privacy, copyright and other new-media issues from the NUJ's New Media website

And with that - which I admit is a complete cop-out - I reach the end of a whole month of daily updates, most of which have been a bit more substantial than this.

I doubt I'm going to be able to keep this frequency going indefinitely - tomorrow is going to be a challenge, for starters - but will try to ensure the gaps between new posts might at least be a bit briefer than they used to be. Site visits are up, though that's more to do with some generous incoming links and a high level of interest in the F-35 than there being a growing number of people returning to see what I've waffled on about next; and there's been a large percentage increase (although it's a small actual number) of people signing up for email updates.

I still, of course, haven't worked out how any of this will help me earn a living, but after seeing The Artist, I'm trying to push those worries off into the background. So thanks for dropping by, please have a look around, if you find something you like please tell other people about it, if you find stuff you don't like please tell me and I'll try to improve on it, and do feel free to come back whenever you like.


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