Big Rog, Rhyming Douglas and Dependable Peter Parker

January 5, 2012


The largest slice of cake I've ever seen; Claimjumpers, Palmdale, California, October 8 2011 (Note on why image bears no relation to text HERE, note 3)

On a day otherwise notable chiefly for a trip to the dentist and relief at the fact that the fence panel that blew down in the garden was a) one of the ones that technically belongs to nextdoor and b) fell onto their side not ours, and after Newcastle's terrific performance last night, I was always going to be in the right mood for this.

Half an hour of tracing back old Twitter threads hasn't really helped me be any more sure about who was responsible - though @_Ms_R seems to have been the first to spot it, and @adjwilson claims responsibility for at least some of it - but, until the killjoys shut it down, Wikipedia's entry on the full, presumably secret, list of members of the So Solid Crew was turning into a thing of wondrous beauty. Fortunately, @profanityswan had the presence of mind to take a screen grab and post it onto his blog, enshrining in the internet's permanent record this little piece of magical nonsense. 

It reminded me of a throwaway joke on NME's old Thrills page years ago - a list headed "those other Wu-Tang members in full", which, it turns out, profanityswan, aka Andy Dawson, actually wrote. So in a way he's a very suitable keeper of this particular treasure. 

What I think I like most about this list are the more subtlely surreal inclusions - while Grassy Knowles is a really good "urban" music gag, you're never going to imagine there really was a So Solid member by that name; but with the likes of Mad Akira, Timeless or Big Rog, you can't quite be so sure. 


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