One Final Look Back

January 4, 2012

An Airbus A330 being prepared for conversion into a new Voyager tanker for the Royal Air Force, in Cobham's hangar near Bournemouth: September 2, 2011

So after the last two days' posts looking backwards, it's high time I turned my attentions in the opposite direction. But I like the measurable, quantifiable concept, and may well stick with it as the year progresses. With that in mind, then:

The year is only four days old, but there are some scores on the doors. So far I've delivered 750 words of finished copy (which is due to be published next month), completed 2,935 words of transcribing, and am halfway through my first interview of the year (it's via email; I've written and sent the questions). I've also now published 2,710 words so far in 2012 - all of them on this website (including these very ones you're reading now). 

The photo? Its publication, alongside a short news report by me in Defense Technology International in October, marked the first time I have ever been paid for taking a picture. Don't worry, freelance photographers: I didn't set out to step on your turf, and I'm sure you can see from the overall (lack of) quality of the images throughout this site that I'm not a threat to your business. There was a delay getting the professional shots through from the PR team, and DTI were on deadline - much to my amazement, the shot was good enough to work on the page. I didn't mention it in the last couple of days' round-ups of the year's work because I completely forgot about it, but it seems apt that a view of an aeroplane's rear-end should bring a close to these posts about last year's work. To me, at least. 


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